CAS Number 147438-30-0
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Everolimus Impurity E / Ester hydrolysis degradant of IP D

CAS No. 147438-30-0
Everolimus Impurity E (Ester hydrolysis degradant of IP D)
Catalogue No : VL2280003
Category : Everolimus
CAS No. : 147438-30-0
IUPAC Name : (2S)-1-[[(2R,3R,6S)-6-[(2S,3E,5E,7E,9S,11R)-2,13-Dimethoxy-3,9,11-trimethyl-12-oxo-3,5,7-tridecatrienyl]tetrahydro-2-hydroxy-3-methyl-2H-pyran-2-yl]oxoacetyl]-2-piperidinecarboxylic Acid
Molecular Weight : 591.73
Molecular Formula : C32H49NO9


Welcome to Veeprho Pharmaceuticals s.r.o, manufacturer and supplier of Everolimus Impurity C (CAS No. 1062122-63-7), Everolimus Impurity D (Isomer 1 & 2) / Everolimus Retroaldol Degradation Product (CAS No. 1708118-13-1), Everolimus Impurity E / Ester hydrolysis degradant of IP D (CAS No. 147438-30-0) and TGR / Everolimus tert-Butyldimethylsilyl Ether Impurity (CAS No. 159351-68-5). We also undertake the manufacturing and supply of all Everolimus impurities, which have to be isolated by preparative HPLC and Lyophilized.

Veeprho Pharmaceuticals s.r.o also manufacture and supply Everolimus USP, EP, BP pharmacopoeia impurities, any unknown impurity and intermediates with structure elucidation with the help of H NMR, CHN, C NMR, MASS and HPLC data. We also provide all impurity of Everolimus as per to pharmacopoeia RRT if requested by the customers.